High rise building projects and the neccesary of higher quality education


High rise building projects and the neccesary of higher quality education 

More and more high rise building have been developed in Vietnam. This trend will still increase in next years. It sounds a good new for construction management in Vietnam, especially for engineers. However, our engineers mostly have not enough competence to develop any project of high rise buildings.

Most high rise buildings in Vietnam are managing by foreign engineers while there are a lot of engineers in our country. It makes us think about our higher quality academic programs for construction industry. And there is a reason why AIT Master degree in Project Management in Construction becomes a hot and famous program in Vietnam.

High rise building

In developing countries, high rise buildings considered a best replacement for traditional low rise buildings. It presents several unique challenges not found in traditional low-rise buildings: longer egress times and distance, evacuation strategies, fire department accessibility, smoke movement and fire control.

The multiple floors of a high rise building create the cumulative effect of requiring great numbers of persons to travel great vertical distances on stairs in order to evacuate the building.

High-rise buildings have garnered significant attention in the fire safety world over the years. The public, code bodies, local, regional and federal governments, as well as the design, build, and ownership communities are all affected by high-rise building safety.

Understand that demand, we offered AIT construction management program. It is designed for those engineers who can not leave their work while following a master program. The program is conducted in one year. To complete the master program, participants need to complete 9 courses and 1 project report with total 33 credits.

Our construction management program is focused on providing and developing the skill sets necessary for a successful career in construction management, project management especially in projects of high rise buildings. The program provides both disciplinary and integrative education in the areas of constructability, costs, scheduling and ethics.

Main Features of the Program:

One year professional AIT Master’s degree

Credits can be accumulated over two years

Certificate course works

International field trip to the large construction sites in the region

Study language: English.

 If you want to become a construction manager of high rise buildings, please visit http://aitmpm.com to get more information and register or contact us:


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