Fieldtrip of MPM2 Myanmar to Vietnam - Project Management in Construction Master's program

AIT Project Management in Construction Master's program (MPM) is organizing the international fiedltrip for MPM2 class in Myanmar to Hongkong and Vietnam during 02-13 August 2016. Fortunately, Hongkong visit was very successful despite of Nida storm. 

MPM2 students in Myanmar is almost goverment officers who work at Ministry of Construction and others from private companies. They selected to visit construction sites in Vietnam to learn company's implementation and how company manages site projects.  
On 08 August, they visited 2 construction sites in Hanoi: Imperial Garden project (203 Nguyen Huy Tuong str.) and Palais de Louis project. Two on-going projects brought them useful practical experiences and a part of general view about construction industry in the North of Vietnam.   

Myanmar delegations visited Palais de Louis projects

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long (center), Project Director, Hoa Binh Co., was introducing about Imperial Garden projects

Today, Myanmar delegation has just arrived Ho Chi Minh city. They shall take a city tour at the most dynamic city of Vietnam and 3 more site visits here. 

This activity is a part of MPM program that every year students will have chance to go abroad to see how company there manage construction sites and their organizational management. MPM class in Vietnam and Myanmar have visited Korea, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia during 10 years ago. 


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