Expert Seminar: Do Builders Care about The Sustainability and Environment? Findings from a major Swedish company

An overall finding from the study is that decisions affecting environmental and sustainability are made every day on all managerial levels. Respondents recognize the importance of taking the environment and sustainability into account when decisions are made. But when decisions are made, short term costs and quality is more important. Surprisingly, costs are not perceived as the most important obstacle for taking environmental and sustainability issues into consideration.

The finding is a bit contradictive when it is taken into considerations that respondents perceive that knowledge and information about environmental and sustainability issues is available in the company, the environmental management system provides appropriate information when needed, and IT in general is a mean that is helping to making decisions that reduce the company’s environmental impact. Finally it is concluded that the organization of procurement processes, contractual forms and client involvement determine the frames for the extent to which environmental and sustainability issues can be taken into account. Talking more details about this issue and the practices, Prof. Henrik Linderoth, the professor in Construction informatics, University of Jönköping, School of Engineering, Sweden has been taken 02 hours presentation on Sunday, 06/07/2014 at AITVN. The seminar has received a lot of interests from the participants and the discussion after this has been also become a very interactive atmosphere among the speaker and audience.

Taking a tolen of appreciation from Master Project Management program to Prof. Henrik Linderoth and his contribution to us. It is also a thankful expression to our MPM students, alumni and guests who have been taking their busy time to join the talk and shared a lot of practical experience to us.

Again, thank you.

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